Thursday, December 05, 2002

Celebrity Theme Park Ejection Notices

In an odd confluence of ejections of well-known entertainment personalities, three celebrities have been ejected from amusement parks in the last week. In an ARN&R exclusive, we bring you the details.

Winona Ryder was ejected from Six Flags Magic Mountain on Monday and has had her season pass revoked for line jumping. Miss Ryder claims she was rehearsing for the roll of a disobedient theme park guest in the upcoming film, Rollercoaster II. Video footage has caught the 31-year-old actress dipping under guard rails in queues for Viper, Colossus and Revolution, while she climbed over the rails on the rides Superman: The Escape, Goliath and Ninja, along with a rumor she may have even had a place "saved" for her in the queue of X.

To the shock of many of his fans, The King of Pop was video taped on Tuesday, virtually proving he may be off the wall, bad, or even dangerous while holding his 9-month-old infant by the feet from the chariot portion of a carousel­, normally reserved for people with hand held infants--and out over the edge of the 15mile-per-hour spinning attraction at Spreepark Berlin GmbH in Germany. The 44-year-old music legend told ARN&R that he was attempting a demonstration of the ride's weakness in safety restraint systems.

R&B Diva Brandy was accused on Wednesday of stealing Hip-Hop recording artist Pepper's outfit and wearing it to Paramount's Great Adventure. The outfit in question, conceived by Pepper himself, was called "get naked." A spokesperson for Brandy told ARN&R, "While the hat, the dark glasses and the jacket were all purchased at the same time and from the same location, the outfits were not exactly the same." The main difference is a given that Brandy is female while Pepper is male. They were both, coincidentally, ejected from the park.


[Editor's note: Don't make the same mistake as Brandy and Pepper! Wear clothes next season! Wear clothes with jokes only one-tenth of one percent of the theme park population will get! Buy stuff now!

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