Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Zeta-Jones Sues Over Link to Coaster Enthusiasts

Movie star and lawsuit enthusiast Catherine Zeta-Jones may sue various tabloid publications that imply she has used the Atkins diet, currently one of the most popular diets among coaster enthusiasts.

Zeta Jones, the star of the hit movie Chicago, vehemently denies using the low-carb diet in order to fit in the seats of Dueling Dragons after the birth of her second child. She also claims she has never taken dieting advice from a member of ACE or Coasterbuzz, let alone looked at or spoken to a coaster enthusiast. When questioned, her attorneys said they “intend to pursue claims on her behalf against each and every publication and/or coaster enthusiast organization responsible for the creation and initial growth of these false and damaging stories.”

When Ms. Zeta Jones was contacted for a comment on the coaster enthusiast community, she simply said, “ew.”


[Editor's Note: For more of coverage of Catherine Zeta-Jones, please see article about her giving the bird to Montu cameras and search involving wrestling and sloppy porridge.]

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