Monday, January 26, 2004

Enthusiasts Loudly Declare Hatred For, Constantly Visit, CoasterBuzz

Direct from a confidential source, word has reached ARN&R that enthusiasts at various online forums enjoy ripping into Coasterbuzz, but secretly feed their hideous addiction to the site by also reading it and linking to it on a regular basis.

Participants at the Westcoaster forums were amongst those who succumbed to the dreaded affliction, as a post about an ARN&R article turned into a discussion of how sucky Coasterbuzz is, interspersed with numerous references to specific current discussion threads at the hated website. Westcoaster members are so apoplectic with rage over how much Coasterbuzz blows, they even link to Coasterbuzz discussions that started on that very day.

Said one Westcoaster participant, "I loathe and despise Coasterbuzz. That's why I read it daily and quote from it liberally when I trash it on other forums."

Sadly, the affliction of Coasterbuzzitis was not limited to Westcoaster, but was felt in Theme Park Critic, as well. There, forum participants caught on to a rec.roller-coaster discussion of the same ARN&R article, as well as some anti-Coasterbuzz comments, and then began a discussion themselves of how much CB licks it. But, showing a more virulent strain of the condition, TPC members apparently did not stop at mentioning hatred of Coasterbuzz while talking about current forum topics there. No, they decided to go flame CB and actually participate in the CB forums in order to get attention from the website they so loathe.

"I hate Coasterbuzz so bad," said Mr. Govnoed of TPC. "I hate it so bad, in fact, that I'm going to talk about how useless CB is and how much CB sucks ass, and then I'm going to waste a substantial percentage of my free time posting things at Coasterbuzz and then bragging about it at TPC! Take that, Coasterbuzz!"

"We call this behavior 'The Ring Syndrome,'" says noted psychologist Dr. Dan Gandalf. "These forum participants both love and hate Coasterbuzz. It is their... precious."

--JCK (With Assistance From the ARN&R Supreme Commander for All Eternity and Editor in Chief)

[Editor's Note: For the original Coasterbuzz-themed article that started all this discussion on three different forums, see here. We better keep a watch on that MOS; he's already causing as much trouble as JCK.]

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