Saturday, October 09, 2004

Fright Fest a Huge Hit at Six Flags Great Adventure

Given that Six Flags Great Adventure has recently been under fire over its choice of name for its new roller coaster, the park could only hope that its good name could be reclaimed with a successful Halloween celebration. With Fright Fest drawing in eager throngs, it's mission accomplished. ARN&R was recently able to experience the themed October festivities at SFGRAD, and presents this exclusive report on what guests can expect.

Hypnosteria is a fun-filled adventure for the whole family. In it, master illusionists moonlighting from their Quick Stop day jobs hypnotize crowds of eager guests into thinking that they have not been ripped off despite paying full price and finding half the rides closed and none of the bathrooms cleaned in the past three weeks. Note: this is not an optional attraction. All guests must experience Hypnosteria immediately after passing through security.

Dead Man's Party is an unusual attraction where a group of guests are wined and dined at a fete thrown by William Blake, the character portrayed by Johnny Depp in the film Dead Man. Like the movie, this attraction is designed to confuse and bore audience members. Any relationship between the attraction and Halloween was not fully explained in the promotional literature distributed by the park at the entrance gate.

Monster of Mock is a rather frightening show where a Ritz Cracker representative spends twenty minutes showing guests how to create a Mock Apple Pie using no actual apples.

Super Spooky Dolphin Show features aquatic creatures in their natural environment, except, in celebration of Halloween, they have been filled with the spirit of Satan and turned into blood-crazed demon-beasts. It is a remarkable sight indeed to see Spooky Dolphins, our cuddly friends of the sea, leaping out of their tank, doing back flips, waving their tails at the audience, and then dragging three or four children into the tank to devour. Guests are advised to avoid the first several rows, as the likelihood of being ripped limb from limb, or of getting bloody water all over their clothes from all the splashing, is much reduced. Most dolphin and whale show areas in theme parks have signs that say "You WILL Get Wet" for certain areas; this exhibit has signs that say "You WILL Get Eaten."

Finally, the exciting-sounding Ghoul Repellent, assumed to be a thrilling haunted house or trail, turns out only to be a special charm children can wear to ward off coaster enthusiasts attending the event. Disappointing.

More information about all these exciting attractions can be found at the Six Flags Great Adventure website.


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