Monday, January 10, 2005

Site O' the Weak Returns

Yes, we know it's been a little while since we added a new Site O' the Weak. But your suffering is at an end (or is it just beginning?), for we have a whole new series of the wondrously awful lined up for your emotional, and perhaps even physical, gratification. We'll start off with one that's been lying around a bit and we sort of forgot to make fun of before.

Back in November, we linked to an eye-searing website called Boils the Clown's Funhouse. The reference seemed to cause a great deal of stress to the webmaster, so much so that he apparently lost his mind. Specifically, he thought we had removed the article in response to a threatening email (it just scrolled off the main page into archives, something that happens to pretty much every article on every Blog ever written, and it's readily available to anyone bored or sick enough to bother reading the rest of ARN&R besides the front page), and then made the completely bizarre assumption that ARN&R is produced by the webmaster of Coasterbuzz (nope, try again).

A forum topic this insane can only deserve the rich reward that is the ARN&R SOW.


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