Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Six Flags Over Iraq Opening Declared A Success
Attendance of no Iraqis and multiple explosions dismissed as "inconsequential"

Kieran Burke, CEO of Six Flags Corp., announced today that last weekend's opening of SFoI was "better then we had even dreamed."

"The fact that we can open the park is itself a success," said Burke, dismissing the opening attendance day number of 83 people as "inconsequential."

Burke went on to say that the 83 guests, all members of a group called "American Coaster Enthusiasts" who had flown in for the occasion, received complimentary SFoI season passes in appreciation. (Ed. note: SFoI season passes are not valid at any other Six Flags parks.) "And, as for those four unfortunate people who were injured in the explosion at Superhero Circle, they have received lifetime season passes!" (Ed. note - also not valid at other SF parks).

The explosion Burke mentioned was one of six which occurred in the park that day. The relatively small number of injuries has been attributed to the low attendance. IAAPA issued a statement supporting the park's opening and attributing the bombing injury victims to rider error.

Most of the rides were reported to be open, with the exception of the water park, both log flumes, the river raft ride, the ferris wheel, the sky ride, and the Viper, the just arrived TOGO coaster from Six Flags Great Adventure, leaving one Dragon coaster (with two seats roped off) and a Zipper borrowed from Baghdad HappyLand (formerly SaddamLand). Burke stressed that the closings were not specific to SFoI's location or circumstances, and instead were "typical of operations at any other park in our chain."

Burke had no comment on the kidnapping of his assistant, Michael O'Reilly. ARN&R will provide more details on the kidnapping as soon as they become available.


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