Monday, May 09, 2005

New Park Proposed

Doyle Lucia has a brilliant idea.

He's figured out the next huge market for an amusement park. He's done the research, he's done the planning, he's ready to go, once he finds the investors.

Lucia, 18, an ACE member living in Grangeville, Idaho, knows with certainty that his region of north central Idaho could easily support a new Six Flags or Paramount seasonal park, and quite possibly a full-fledged Disney or Universal resort.

"I've asked everyone I know in the North Idaho Coaster Enthusiasts group if they'd go, and they all totally said they would," said Lucia in a letter sent to every major amusement park company and, oddly, ARN&R. "I've been doing preliminary plans with my buddy Freddy [Glaros, another NICE member], and the park we have in mind would rock. We'd only have to charge $10 for admission, because we'd all work for free. And there are so many tourists who come through town every year -- last summer, I bet I saw at least fifty people I'd never seen before, and there are almost 15,000 people living here already! That should be plenty to support an Intamin hyper and a GCI twister."

Lucia's letter included what he called "preliminary architectual drawings" that were clearly screen-grabs of a Roller Coaster Tycoon scenario run with every cheat code possible active. He also noted that he had been in touch with the Coaster Preservation Organization (formerly Club) and was "really excited" about the possibilities of a collaboration with that group's Lee Coaster, whom he called a "visionary."

Six Flags CEO Kieran Burke was reportedly intending to invest $1 billion of investors' money in the park.

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