Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Krazy Kovacs House of Koasters Has What You Need

ARN&R Note: The following is a paid advertorial for Krazy Kovacs House of Koasters. (Hey, we have to make ad revenue somehow, since you clearly aren't clicking on ads.)

You vant coaster, ve have coaster!

Yes, at Krazy Kovacs House of Koasters ve have everyting you want in a Rollee Koaster.

Hello, I am Ernie Kovacs, the president and founder of Krazy Kovacs House of Koasters. You may know some of our installations, such as Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure and Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster.

As you can tell, vhen you buy from KKHoC you get best price. We are the American representative for Intamin of Switzerland and they want to charge a lot. We say "No, best price!" In fact, next year Six Flags Great Adventure is getting another coaster from us. The general manager already say, "I can't vait!" Plus, we need no money down!

That's right, even if your company have debts or run up credit card, we can help!

Some coaster companies vant to sell you products dat open on time and on budget. We do too, but that usually not happen. But, even vhen we do get ride open, bad things sometimes happen. Seriously though, vhat is a few months downtime?

Since ve have only the smartest koaster enthusiasts backing us ve know ve on right track. Get it, track? So, come on down to Krazy Kovacs House of Koasters. Ve are in lovely Shamokin, Pennsylvania only a few hours from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. As ve say at KKHoK, "Rockets are vat people vant!"


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