Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bandwidth Thievery Clarification

We got to thinking today that perhaps the "bandwidth thievery" dispute is merely the result of a discrepancy in terminology between the US and England. See, in this country we think linking to other websites is perfectly normal and bandwidth stealing is the act of taking someone's pictures themselves and using them on your site while draining resources from the original source. Could it be that in England there's a semantic difference, that linking to any site is considered stealing? This seemed puzzling (because how would anyone ever get to a British site except by linking to it?) but one had to consider it a possibility.

It was an issue that required research, but fortunately we have a British correspondent who contributes an occasional bit of news to ARN&R. We contacted her in hopes of receiving a definitive answer on the troubling issue of what constitutes bandwidth thievery in what country. She stated that coaster enthusiasts are complete nerds, particularly ones who write for amusement park satire sites, and could we please not bother her at work.

Glad we could clear that up.


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