Friday, April 14, 2006

Next, They'll Call Stonehenge A Popular Tourist Trap

We know, we know, the we-assume-nice folks at Amusement Business aren't supposed to know about things besides, well, amusement. And the business thereof.

But this story struck us as rather impressive, containing as it does a rather obvious error that just about any seven-year-old who's visited D.C., or even really read about it, or perhaps seen a Discovery Channel special about it, could point out was wrong. Consider:
The Smithsonian Museum in Washington has announced plans to close its doors Sept. 5 to allow an $85 million renovation to go forward. The attraction will reopen in summer 2008 with a new flag room.
"The Smithsonian Museum"? Huh? Let's do a little activity together. Go to Look over on the right-hand side. You'll see this:

Count 'em up. We see thirteen museums plus a couple of other things (like the zoo). There is no Smithsonian Museum. It's an institution with a whole bunch of 'em. One of those museums will be closing, not the whole thing.

But the other thing we're rather astounded by in the story is the reference to the Smithsonian as an "attraction." Okay, sure, technically speaking it is, since it does attract people. But it seems a bit odd to lump in a top-notch scholarly institution, doing rather important research, with Ripley's Believe it or Not.

So: Congratulations, Amusement Business! You're our Site O' the Weak!


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