Sunday, May 25, 2003

We Were Funny All Weekend, Too.

While you were out grilling or remembering those who went before us or whatever, we were evidently sitting around thinking of wacky wacky coaster-related stuff. So scroll down and see not just "Winona Ryder Busted Again," but also "Coaster Zombies to Protest End-of-Ride Brakes on SFA's Roar," and "Universal Announces New 'Mommy' Ride." And if you're reading this and these articles don't appear on this page, just go to the archive.

Also, if you're going to SRM or any other event, if you send us a photo of yourself at such an event wearing ARN&R merchandise, or completely covered in gravy, we'll send you something free. That "something" may suck, but it'll be something. If you are wearing ARN&R merchandise and are completely covered in gravy, we'll send you two somethings for free.

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