Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Mockery of Coaster Preservation Organization ‘Formly’ Club Continues

ARN&R continues its valuable public service of letting the public and the outstanding intellects of the Coaster Preservation Club know when derision, mockery, pointing and laughing, and any general untoward wacky shenanigans are being undertaken in regards to this wonderful, amazing website and its fearless simian leader, Thunder P&%sy.

In addition to the crown jewel in the collection of “CPC formly CPO” mockery listed below, the Koaster Preservation Klub, we have been made aware of several comments on other websites that seem to be making fun of the little 5-year-old bed-wetter. This one is representative:

Thank you for finally writing some articles about these idiots. All of us at CoasterBuzz have been mocking them for a while, but this puts them on a bigger stage. It's always nice to see kids pulling laws out of their asses to threaten amusement parks.

Keep up the great work and continue with the CPO mockery.

We’ve gotten others, but this is the prevailing opinion. It would be best if Mr. P&%sy send a threatening email to every internet address on the planet, just in case any of these addresses are used by those who are enjoying seeing him being mocked.

Additionally, we at ARN&R call your attention to the ongoing discussion at Coasterbuzz, where Mr. Coaster has obviously made lots of friends. Four pages worth, and counting, actually. There are many, many quotes that we like…er, I mean, that we are appalled by or something….but we especially like Teknoscorpion’s take on the situation:

I've now decide to start my own Coaster Saving orgonizasun(hehe)

Coaster Rescurers And Preservationistsissts

The site will be up in a few days, Joint C.R.A.P. Now for only $2000. Our law is any coaster that is SBNO for more than 12 hours is ours, or we'll sue. I'm the Grand Masterflash of the org., so just send a check to me made out to TeknoScorpion P.O. Box 1313 Mockingbird Ln. Munsterville, AL. Who [wants] to join??

Mr. Teknoscorpion, we know you were hoping for an interview. We’d love to hear your further thoughts, so send us an email and we’ll chat! Did we make your day?

Then there is this laughably stupid website that seeks solely to mock and taunt poor Lee Coaster of the CPO “formly” CPC, which we think is just really mean. Someone has way too much time on their hands to….oh, what’s that? Oh! Apparently this is an actual webpage where Mr. Coaster lists his exciting plans to build a backyard coaster called Project: Wild Angel. We thought the part where he sent a letter to PTC asking for a train had to be a hilarious joke, but that appears not to be the case. Oops.

CPO! Get after these bad, nasty people!


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