Friday, August 08, 2003

Garfield News Baffles, Outrages

A clarification seems to be in order for our friends over at Kennywood Boulevard and Kennywood Connection. Indeed, we cannot take credit here for springing the news that the Old Mill will be changing to Garfield and Odie 3D; instead, Screamscape may be thanked for the scoop, and in fact we linked to them in our original article. However, we did break the news about the actual details of the new ride, and we did uncover the planned refurbishments of the other attractions, such as the looping Jack Rabbit and anal probes on Goldrusher.

And remember, each and every thing written on this website is completely factual. We employ the finest army of inside sources and clever reporters, and we would never, ever think of making anything up. That's why we're called Absolutely Reliable News & Rumors!

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