Sunday, June 27, 2004

Location for National Roller Coaster Museum Chosen

Following years of specualtion, the location for the future National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives has finally been announced: Siberia.

"While many had felt that the museum would most likely be constructed in an area steeped in American coaster history, such as Coney Island or near the remains of the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway, the NRCMA Executive Board felt that it was inappropriate to focus only on American roller coaster history," said NRCMA Board Member Ralph Barker. "Although modern coasters were certainly developed by Americans, they owe some inspiration to the old Russian ice sleds of the 1600's. For that reason, we decided to honor the true birthplace of the roller coaster by placing the NRCMA there, even if it does get so cold your balls will freeze off."

The museum will specifically be located in Vorkuta, a moderately-sized town in Siberia that frequently has massive blizzards and temperatures below negative forty Celsius. Hours of operation will be "somewhat dependent on weather conditions on a day-to-day basis," notes Barker.

Celebrating the history of defunct roller coasters, as well as demonstrating the important cultural milestones of gravy and ERT, the Frank Genry-designed museum is, according to Barker, still on schedule for its planned 2075 opening.