Monday, February 21, 2005

And the George McFly Award for Gullibility Goes To...

We've been champing at the bit (yes, champing, not chomping) for almost a week to announce our Site O' the Weak this time around. It's absolutely wonderful, and it pained us not to put it up sooner, but the previous award winner, featuring a Houston discussion forum's members taking something on ARN&R seriously, was also deserving of its full time in the spotlight.

But now, we proudly present to you the Coasterbuzz thread "B&M Inverted Mini!" In this topic, a poster apparently actually believes our story about the creation of the new B&M Mini Coaster announces such at CB. Well, it's actually more like he just cuts and pastes our entire original article into the topic, instead of announcing it. (Note to future dimwitted folks who, for some unfathomable reason, actually think ARN&R articles are real: it is generally considered very poor etiquette to post an entire piece of someone's else's work verbatim on another website, even if you aren't claiming you wrote it. We just want to be sure you don't look like an ass, that's all.)

Be that as it may, the resulting discussion is poised to be a classic, as the members of CB have a good chuckle at the expense of the gullible poster. It's funny enough that anyone believed this silly article in the first place, but even more sidesplitting is the fact that we had an article making fun of another group of people who took us seriously posted almost directly above the B&M Mini one (a fact one CB participant mentions to the Gullible One). It's one thing to miss some very obvious hints that an article is satire, but another entirely to miss it about an inch away from another article warning of making this mistake.

The thread unfortunately devolves, at some point, into a bunch of Monty Python quotes. While we don't condone this sort of behavior, as it tends to frighten the girls away, we might as well use it as an opportunity to link to an older ARN&R article about Xcalibur that all you Coasterbuzz Python nuts might appreciate.

Yes, it's a glorious month for Sites of O' the Weak. We'll certainly be hoping that the clueless continue surfing over to us and giving us all this entertainment.