Thursday, March 11, 2004

Six Flags Sells Ceramic Troll Collection, Printer Cartridges

In an ongoing effort to focus on core competencies and raise revenue, Six Flags Inc. announced today that it had sold its extensive ceramic troll collection to an elderly woman in Nebraska, as well as a closet full of unused printer cartridges that fit a dot-matrix printer not sold since 1986.

"The ceramic troll collection market is a highly competitive market, and we admit to having made a few bad decisions -- like spending $350 on that [Chicago Bears lineman] William 'Refrigerator' Perry ceramic troll, that was definitely a mistake!" said Six Flags' Gary Story. "We continue to believe in the ceramic troll market, but [purchaser] Ms. Ricketts will be able to better exploit the collection in the short term."

As for the printer cartridges, Story said that he came across them when it was his turn to clean the park chain's Oklahoma City offices. "It turns out it really was a good idea to let the janitor go and all chip in cleaning. Not only did we save paying his salary, but we got $15 for those printer cartridges on eBay!"

Stock analysts predict that Six Flags may next consider selling its extensive Pez collection and the '66 Mustang on blocks in front of Frontier City that it's been meaning to fix up since purchasing it in 1997.