Friday, December 21, 2007

In a Battle of Idiots, We All Win

Yes, we're a little obsessed with JL57 and the Show Statecase Funpark Royal Republic of Kazakhstan. When Jack is away, we're sad; when he quotes us as a source, we love it. And we are amazed at how persistently he engages all comers, continually responding to everyone.

Until now.

Yes, indeed, Jack has apparently met his match in a borderline illiterate drugstore employee from Minnesota, one Colleen.

Go and enjoy this thread, in which Jack claims, just a tad implausibly, that Dayton, Ohio, has 17,000 hotels. The barely coherent Colleen points out the obvious -- that all he's doing is citing to Google's search results, but even that the search results in fact only have 40 or so results.

Jack then flips out, starting to delete all of her messages, ranting about complaining to Google. We didn't see all of her messages that got deleted, but they included links to some government page that showed that there are only about 60,000 hotels in the entire country (odds that over a quarter of them are in Dayton, Ohio? Anyone?). She keeps writing 'em, he keeps deleting 'em. Good times.

It's not every day you get to see someone this delusional flip out. Enjoy! It's our Christmas present to you.



  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I read what is posted at the State Showcase Funpark Forum by JL57 the obvious question is does Dayton,Ohio need 17,000 hotels for State Showcase Funpark? Obviously not!

    I am certain than in the near future that JL57 will supply such information then the poster supplied by Absolutely Reliable News & Rumors that April 1 came earlier this year obviously!

  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    I've been to Dayton. Dayton is a nice town. Home of the Wright brothers, and the birthplace of a brand of funk music. I see no reason why it can't have that many hotels. There are no real reasons to doubt Jack.


  3. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I just read that State Showcase Funpark will only need four hundred hotels,motels,suites,or lodges while only using thirty-eight rooms in each.

    I thought that the date today is January 15,2008 not April 1,2008.

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM

    JL57 must have thought that competing against just Colleenatsny wasn't much of a challenge.

    JL57 over the last week took on the likes of Colleenatsny,Damageinc55, Kaivac1,Dino306,Zombiefan4, and with Noseyneighbor shaking in his boots didn't even post a comment which never happened before.

    JL57 made short work out of those six individuals which wasn't much of a surprise to me!

  5. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Thanks for stopping by, Jack.

    You're not smart.

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Who is this Jack person? The host for the State Showcase Funpark Forum uses the handle JL57.

    Just maybe this individual don't know that the letters J and L is separated by the letter K on their keyboard. Just maybe this individual don't know that the numbers 5 and 7 is separated by the number six which should make it easy even for this individual to achieve! One possibility being could be that this individual don't have the use of four fully fuctional fingers?

    Anonymous at 4:48PM post,"You're not smart." Then how brilliant is it to supply easy to follow directions to the State Showcase Funpark Forum then?

    Just one question I do have for you concerning where did the the individual who posted the article learn about Colleen living in the state of Minnesota who works at Snyders? Could it be from JL57?

    Colleenatsny hasn't been to the State Showcase Funpark Forum for two weeks by Tuesday with the time being 12:32 PM thus as the post suggested made short work of Colleenatsny is the only conclusion!

  7. Anonymous3:54 PM

    You are retarded Jack