Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Holiday World's "Professional Assistant Day Village" to Open in 2003

Holiday World, located in Santa Claus, Indiana, announced a major expansion today, adding to its themed holiday sections including areas for Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July. This time, it's Professional Assistant Day, the holiday previously known as Secretaries Day.

Holiday World announced that the themed section will feature bumper cars designed to look like desks, but other attractions have not yet been determined. "With the other sections, it was pretty easy to come up with ideas -- you know, Christmas with the reindeer, Halloween with the Sleepy Hollow thing, and patriotic stuff for the Fourth of July. For Professional Assistant Day, it's trickier. What, put a flat ride inside a giant pencil sharpener or something? But we'll figure something out, and our so-friendly-they-must-be-drugged employees will be there too!" said Paula Werne, spokeswoman for Holiday World. "Hey, maybe a giant slide where the bags look like envelopes! Or a Whack-a-Mole themed to knocking bosses on their heads!"