Saturday, March 19, 2005

Beg To Differ

Do they really have to make it so easy?

Fun! Interesting! Exciting! Cool! Inexplicably into pictures with over-the-shoulder restraints!
Why Do All The Wackos Come Here?

To those who came across our site while searching for "hairy boys," we're sorry we couldn't help you with your bizarre and more-than-slightly-creepy fetish. May we direct you to the Coaster Bears instead?

To those who found us while looking for a "76 Chevy Vega," please stop. Trust us from personal experiences when we were youngsters, you don't want this. Really.

And finally, to whoever visited our site hoping to find "metric assloads in imperial assloads," we extend our thanks for making us laugh harder than we have in probably five or six weeks.