Thursday, October 02, 2003

Enthusiast Witnesses Smoking in Line; Notifies Internet Community

Ben Albtraum, an ACE member from Cambridge, MA, decried all smokers in the online message forum Roller Coaster Chat Talk Interact Forum Wednesday.

“I think that if there (sic) going to be that rude they should be ejected from the park,” declaimed Albtraum.

This sparked a lengthy online debate about smoking, cancer, and line etiquette. When contacted for an exclusive ARN&R interview, Albtraum said he did nothing to stop the smoker from continuing to enjoy his smooth, sophisticated Parliament cigarette in line, admitting that he “didn’t want to start anything” and that he “felt safer going on the internet to bitch about it instead.”

According to the CoasterBuzz meeting calendar, Ben will be acting like a total pussy at Darien Lake this weekend, and plans to berate the GP in his extensive trip report, which will be posted in real time thanks to his Blackberry.