Friday, January 03, 2003

Gravity Group Selected to Design Next M&M Rollercoaster Dispenser

The Gravity Group, created after the bankruptcy of Custom Coasters International, announced that it had signed its second contract yesterday. Shareholder Lawrence Bill made the announcement: "Mars, Inc., has selected The Gravity Group to design next year's rollercoaster-themed M&M candy dispenser. We appreciate the support of the Mars candy company and will do all we can to satisfy all of the company's customers."

Early rumors indicate that the dispenser will have many of the features CCI was known for: excellent airtime, significant laterals, and excitement throughout the course. The initial plans are to have the ride made with a steel structure and wood tracking, with miniature M&M trains manufactured by PTC.

Bill concluded: "The end price -- approximately $439 per dispenser -- may be a bit higher than this year's model [$12], which we understand was designed by a fourteen-year-old factory worker in Korea, but we think the improved quality will be more than worth it."