Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Bob's Space Racers Announce New Game for a New Age

Daytona Beach, FL -- Bob's Space Racers, the popular amusement manufacturer that shot to fame with their "Whac a Mole" game, has announced a new concession.

"It's a new game for a new age," said Bob Cassata, the founder of the company. "I call it Whac a Debt. With the amount of credit most Americans have, and the cost of entering most big parks, this is something all guests should be able to relate to!"

The midway game will cost $500 to play. "Some people have balked at that," said Cassata, "but no one would bother wiping out a measly $3 debt. The stakes are high, but so is the satisfaction when you win!"

The object is similar to BSR's most popular game: you have a judge's gavel and small figures of evil-looking accountants begin popping out of small briefcases. You have to smash each one on the head before they disappear. Each time you score a hit, $5 of your debt is reduced. If you score 100 hits in thirty seconds, you get $495 back, plus a ten cent plush toy.

"Our innovation," Cassata continued, "is to factor in interest, just like a real bank. For each second that passes without a hit, your debt goes up by nineteen percent. That should give our game the best profit margin for a park without providing the customer any actual value since the Q-Bot."

When asked whether guests would be willing to spend that much on a game, Cassata replied, "Heck, people spend that much a month on their cell phone bill! I think people will really enjoy smashing bill collectors into a figurative pulp. That's the kind of satisfaction you just can't put a price on."

Cassata also mentioned that BSR is working on yet another variation for frustrated middle managers, "Whac a Wonk."