Sunday, April 03, 2005

Area Coaster Enthusiast "Totally Screwed" By Daylight Savings Time

According to area coaster enthusiast Joel McMasters, 35, Daylight Savings Time is a "bitch."

McMasters reached this conclusion shortly after discovering that his VCR had failed today to tape the long-awaited Travel Channel special Most Extreme Ride Op Shenanigans. The reason for the non-taping was because McMasters had set the device to record the show without realizing that clocks would all need to be moved forward one hour early this morning.

"That Daylight Savings Time crap totally screwed me!" the enthusiast lamented. "I wanted to have that show in my library, and now I've got some Travel Channel crap about Italy instead. My life is ruined."

Legal experts refused to speculate to ARN&R on whether McMasters has valid grounds to sue Daylight Savings Time or not.