Thursday, September 25, 2003

Travel Channel Special Mortifies Boyfriend

Barry Hemmoglobe of Round Lake Park, IL, was “thoroughly embarrassed” after viewing the Travel Channel special, “Best of Thrilling Thrill Rides and the Thrill Seekers Who Seek Thrills” on Tuesday night. “Jenna (Kophschmerzen) was one of the people on the show that they film during the ride,” explained Barry. “We’ve only been dating for a few months, and when the show aired, she was totally psyched that I’d see her segment on TV.”

Miss Kopfschmerzen, one of the approximately seven females in the coaster enthusiast community, was taped riding Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America. “The interview with her was great – but then she got on the ride," said Hemmoglobe, wiping a tear away. "The noises and facial expressions she made were so familiar...and then I realized that she makes the same sounds when we are making sweet sweet love!”

Jenna did not understand why her boyfriend insisted that they stay home from work the next day, but Barry swears it was for their own good. “I can’t believe that the entire R&D group at the lab will have seen my girlfriend making sex faces on TV!!” he moaned. “And doing them while sitting next to that creepy Ruben guy!”

Paul Ruben could not be reached for comment.