Friday, November 01, 2002

Intamin Sales Rep Makes Fun of B&M

Robert "Bobby Man" Linnell, new salesman for Intamin, says he's figured out a great way to get parks to buy Intamin rides rather than those manufactured by renowned firm Bollinger & Mabillard.

"I tell them, 'Look, just take out the ampersand in their abbreviation and you'll know what kind of coasters they make.' You know, 'cause then you've got 'BM,' know what I mean?" said Linnell, nudging ARN&R's reporter repeatedly. After observing the responsive puzzled look, Linnell sighed, "BM -- bowel movement. Like poop? Ringing a bell here?" After shaking his head, Linnell mutterred, "Stupid media don't know a great sales line when they hear it."

Linnell, who came to the amusement industry from a three-year career selling siding door-to-door, has previously referred to Arrow Dynamics' coasters as "pointing nowhere but down" and called S&S Power "Stupid & Stupider."