Monday, January 23, 2006

Total In Your Face Site O' the Weak

We had plenty of options to choose from when debating our Site O' the Weak this time around. Should we mock the loser who got picked on by a Men in Black ride op? Or, since we spend so much time picking on enthusiasts, should we instead turn our sights on hapless members of the general public?

Oh, very well, twist our arms. The general public it is. And our target today is the food service section of the Disney World & Orlando Unofficial Guide. Actually, we should clarify that: it's not the Unofficial Guide itself that deserves any scorn. This website actually has a considerable amount of useful information for people visiting Orlando. However, some of the public-submitted reviews posted in the restaurant guide are hilarious, and it's specifically those that get the backs of our hands. Here's a sampling:

I hate hotdogs, but i'll only eat them here cause they are to die for. There so juicy and big, the incredable.

I almost cried when I first tried my burger it was so amazing. I think it is one of the best restaurants in all of magic kingdom. You get to choise all of your own toppins, so its all good.

And our favorite:

I wanted to go here cause i've loved pinochio since i waz a baby. And when we were on its a small world we say a restaurant way way up and people waving to us. We said we had to go there. So we did, and guess what! it waz pinochio. I waz thriled. I suggest you buy the figaro fries. They have bacon, cheesse, lettuce, and tomato, and they were to die for. And they did go easy on anything. It waz a total in your face how good it is meal. And my mom had a pasta salad she said waz good. 2 thumbs way up!

Overpriced weeks-old slop goes great with preschool-level writing skills, doesn't it?