Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Boone's Gardens to be Newest American Theme Park

The Boone's Farm company announced today that it is building the first major North American amusement park themed to inexpensive fortified wine. Representatives of the company state that Boone's Gardens is on track for a May, 2007 opening at a newly developed site in central California.

A diverse array of flat rides, family rides, shows, and at least two roller coasters are slated to open with the park, which will have fanciful and exotic themed lands with names such as Wild Island, Snowberry Creek, Mango Grove, and Strawberry Hill. One major slated attraction will be a massive centrally-located winery where patrons can see how Boone's Farm is made, bottled, consumed, and used as an insecticide. And at the Country Qwencher Cafe, park guests will be able to experience free tastings of a myriad of succulent offerings from Boone's Farm's award-winning vintners.

Many industry experts believe the new park will spawn a host of similarly-themed ones from competitors seeking to capitalize on its almost-certain success. Although the makers of other high-quality American wines such as Mad Dog, Thunderbird, and Night Train are said to be interested in creating their own spectacular theme parks in the near future, no official plans have been announced to the media at this time.