Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adoring Fan Not Seen

Shortly before embarking on our not-event this weekend, we received the following letter from a presumably worshipful fan of ARN&R:

I've already got my outfit all picked out!

I was goning to keep it a surprise, but I'm just too excited about it.

I bought a youth large Beast shirt on ebay the other day. That should
fit me, right?

It's only got minor armpit staining, and a little unidentifiable
"crust" running across one of The Beast's claws, but otherwise is in
*mint* condition.

I'm thinking of pairing it with some super short 70s tennis shorts,
black sox, and my jogging shoes from Payless with the Velcro

I hear there are a lot of stairs at Mt. Olympus, so I want to be sure
to be in athletic mode!

During our visits to the Mall of America, Valleyfair!, and The Dells, the ARN&R staff sort of forgot that we'd said people could look for us and join us, and instead reverted to our standard practice of avoiding and ignoring anyone who looked even remotely enthusiast-like. For that reason, we made no effort to be seen by Mr. Slightly-Crusted Beast Shirt (and frankly would have hidden behind a tree if he'd gotten anywhere near us), so he might be a sad clown since he did not actually get to meet his heroes. ARN&R regrets the inconvenience.

Holiday World Announces Thanksgiving-Themed Section

The wait is over – Holiday World announced that its new coaster, The Voyage, will be opening in May of 2006, in a new area of the park themed to Thanksgiving. This area joins existing holiday lands Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, and the non-holiday related Holidog’s Fun Town. While little information was on the park's website about the new area, ARN&R’s trusty sources have found out what awaits us in 2006:

New Rides!

The following new Turkey-Day themed rides are expected to open alongside The Voyage:

  • Pilgrim's Progress - antique car ride where riders get ambushed, scalped by Indians!
  • Dinner Table Drama – A "4-D" Film Experience of dysfunctional family Thanksgiving, starring Garfield®!

A New Show!

A fantastic new music and dance show, The Separatist Follies, will be on the “Cornucopia Stage” in May 2006!

Holidog’s Happy Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Sponsored by AJ Wright, this is a wonderful parade of all your Holiday World friends – don’t forget to wave to Santa!

A Giant New Restaurant!

This “comforting” new dining experience brings you the best of Thanksgiving fare, with an amusement park twist! On our menu you’ll find:

  • Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes on a Stick!
  • Cranberry Ice Cream!
  • Green Bean Casserole Smoothies!
  • The “Leftover Sandwich™” – a Holiday World Exclusive!

Additionally, for a nominal surcharge, live actors portraying characters from the Dinner Table Drama ride will scream at you during dinner for having a crappy job and failing to marry and/or provide grandchildren.

See You Next Year!

--MMB, who refuses to name her top secret source for this story