Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hope You at Least Cracked the Window

If you've been reading our Breaking News over the past week, you're obviously aware just how horrified we are by one particular rec.roller-coaster post. If you haven't, then let us summarize: Basically, it concerns a caring, adoring coaster enthusiast father who proudly describes how he drove to an amusement park designed for kids, then left his son in the car while he rode the kiddie coaster, seeing as it would have cost 17 bucks for him to being the youngster along. For reaching a stratospheric realm of toolness that has possibly never been reached by another human, the post is our new Site O' the Weak.

Yeah, sure, we've spent most of the past few days ripping this thread already in the headlines, but really, if this doesn't deserve Site O' the Weak status, nothing does.

In related news, the original poster for the RRC thread has been nominated for the First Annual Absolutelyreliable Superior Parenting Award.