Thursday, September 19, 2002 To Launch

The "definative [sic] source for all things coasters," is scheduled to launch on Monday, September 23. Featuring what its creator, Michael Callahan, calls a "unique combination of pictures, rumors, top-ten lists, and forums," industry analysts stated that it holds the distinction of being the ten thousandth web site to claim to be definitive, and the four thousandth coaster-oriented site to spell "definitive" incorrectly. Additionally, it is believed to be bring the total count of sites stealing's copyrighted images up to five hundred, a new record.

Callahan says he knew there was a void in the online coaster community. "Sure, other sites have some of the things that has, but there's not one that has them all -- pictures, rumors, top-ten lists, and forums." When shown that, in fact, dozens of sites have precisely the same combination of materials, Callahan responded, "Well, yeah. But none of them have as cool a name. And I've got free e-mail addresses. Everyone's gonna want one of those."

Callahan's last web venture,, launched on January 1, 1997, after a particularly long night of drinking, and was last updated on January 5, 1997.