Monday, April 18, 2005

Aren't You Boycotting Us Yet?

If you weren't already boycotting us, we certainly hope you consider doing so again in our time of need. Please follow this link to "The new ARN&R Boycott for truth in reporting" thread at Ultimate Rollercoaster, and we feel quite certain that you will be shocked and horrified enough that you will never again visit ARN&R.

A few comments about this latest update to the fight against ARN&R:

-What do they mean by "[s]ome of those initials are in your mist?" It sounds moist and icky.

-The chicken and burger-rubbing fantasy

-We appreciate the kind words, Pete_C...but reference your second question for clarification.

Hey, wait a minute! Why are you people still reading this? Go away! Boycott us now before it's too late! And if not for you, do it for the children.