Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Search Strings Revisited

A recent glance at our logfiles shows us that among the twenty most common search strings used to locate ARN&R included "hairy boys," "pimp Mickey Mouse," "squeal like a pig," and the ever-popular "brittany rears" and "female wedgies." We certainly appreciate all the business you weirdos are providing us.

By the way, where did all those "Jessica Alba belching" and "Paris Hilton crotch" searchers go? We do so miss them.

Sucking so Hard it Chafes

There are bad coaster websites, and then there are amazingly bad coaster websites. And then sometimes there are coaster sites so horrifically awful that you kind of wonder if the whole thing is just some kind of joke. That's the pickle we're in this week, as we debate whether The Geauga Show is actually the worst website ever made or just a lazy prank. Assuming it's for real...holy crap. The gaudy colors, the Tripod hosting, the one page that has all the site's pictures load at once, the over-reliance on exclamation points and misplaced quotation marks, the use of footage from "proffesional [sic] Shows that air on regular television" without permission, the non-working forums, the Brittany Lynn-esque failure to remove "Enter content here" headers from web all adds up to form a monument to suckage. And a Site O' the Weak, not coincidentally. And hey, if somehow the whole thing is a joke, more power to you. Glad you've got this much time to spare.