Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Santa: Rudy's Rapid Transit a "Pathetic Imitation of a Sleigh Ride With Me"

Earlier today, Santa Claus took time off from a busy schedule of toy-making and coal-firing to denounce Rudy's Rapid Transit, a family roller coaster at Santa's Village, a small park in New Hampshire.

"This ride is an utter mockery of my reputation and standing in the community," said the not-so-jolly elf. "This park presents Rudy's Rapid Transit as a themed coaster meant to simulate riding in Santa's sleigh, pulled by Rudolph and the other reindeer. Bah! It's an absolutely pathetic f***ing imitation of the thrilling ride one would actually experience, would one be so fortunate as to ride in the actual sleigh controlled by yours truly. My sleigh ride is faster, taller, more unpredictable, and has f***ing spectacular rooftop landings. This piece of s*** goes like 10 miles an hour in a little figure eight."

"We're more than a little embarrassed," stated Santa's Village manager Geoffrey Bernardo. "Santa just showed up here a few days ago, wanting to ride the coaster. Although we've been closed for the season for some time, and the entire state is freezing cold, we naturally warmed the 'Triple R' up for Santa so he could ride. I mean, it's Santa, for crying out loud."

Apparently, Santa experienced forty minutes of EST (Exclusive Sleigh Time) on the coaster before asking to be let off. "Santa stormed out the front gate without another word," said a frazzled Bernardo. "You'd think he could say 'thank you' at least. We only had myself and a couple security guards here at the time, and we still managed to get it up and running to full speed in bad weather conditions."

Said Santa, "this ride is an abomination. It gives people the impression that I'm some sort of p***y who can't get his reindeer up to a decent speed or engage them in thrilling airborne maneuvers. Let me tell you a**holes something...if that stupid park doesn't take my name off the gate and Rudolph's off that dumb coaster, I swear I'll go Silent Night, Deadly Night on their asses! Boo-ya!"

Site O' the Weak Redux

That stupid ornament site from last week was really the pits, wasn't it? In fact, it's so obnoxious, why don't we leave it there as our Site O' the Weak again?

PS-Okay, so we're really just being lazy. You caught us.