Thursday, October 23, 2003

Forum Fun

As any regular reader of ARN&R (all two or three of you people) knows, we just can't get enough of seeing our names being used and referenced on this great World Wide Web of ours. So we thought we'd share with you a few examples of our influence being felt lately:

-Coasterbuzz discussion about the "ban list" at amusement parks

First of all, we're very pleased to see out old buddy Coaster Preservation of the Coaster Preservation Organization "Formly" Club popping up for an intellectual discourse in which he assures everyone that either the list is not real, or the webmaster of CB has created it, and he doesn't care. It's kind of hard to tell what he's babbling about, actually. And, while this pleased us, we were far more pleased to note Coastaplaya giving him the ol' bitch slap upside the head (Figuratively. Too bad.) by using the favored "Thunderp*ssy" moniker for him. And we were yet again more pleased that Peabody and PKIEMPSOB remembered our touching, very special episode of King Cobra smelting itself rather than be overtaken by CPO("f"C). By the way, Peabody, has your institution of higher learning gotten around to clearing all that debris out of the concert hall yet or not?

-Coasterbuzz discussion of the infamous diatribe against the ACE use of concentration camp humor. (In case this escaped you, here's the original article.)

Fascinating stuff, this.

-And another discussion on Westcoaster regarding the same.

To the best of our knowledge, no one who writes for this website has ever had it implied that we might potentially be considered "forbidden fruit," but we certainly plan to share it with hot chicks so we can get more action.

-Sadly, no forums currently seem to be discussing super-composer Gordon Beeferman, which is a huge shame.

Put On Your Sunglasses

We got a little distracted there with the ACE fun, and so we forgot to do the Site O' the Weak on Monday. So here's one for the half-week, and it's really only half-lame. It's Lawrie's Carnival and Amusement Park Pages!

If you can manage to block your eyes from the design and color selection horror show, this is probably actually a pretty decent site, if you happen to be looking for information about Finland's amusement parks and carnivals. But...those colors! They burn! They burn!

In any event, thanks, Lawrie! We're glad to know you're a big boy! And we're only slightly creeped out by your interest in watching cheerleader competitions ("There may be literally hundreds of stunning looking girls in mini skirts performing just for you...")!