Thursday, July 28, 2005

Enthusiasts Remember “The Good Old Days”

Is that a hint of nostalgia in the air? That’s not surprising if you’re around a roller coaster enthusiast, though you may also be smelling the ranch dressing. They long for days past. Many want to bring back the rides of their favorite designers or simply remember what it was like to live in a college dorm room instead of their parents' basement.

“Things have certainly changed,” said Tim Scott, one of the contributing members to Thrillnerds. “Back in 2000 it was great to be alive. Legend was opening, Millennium Force was standing proud and Lighting Racer was a joy to behold. These days you just can’t find joy like that anymore,” he sobbed. “It just isn’t special.”

Flip Wilson, managing director for Xtremecoasters agreed. “In those days, you could ride so many coasters, enjoy intelligent conversation on RRC and breathe in the fresh air of amusement park freedom. Today we get garbage like Avalanche and Thunderhead. That’s bullshit!”

These many years have certainly put a damper on the collective spirit of the amusement park community. After all, they no longer can stay at home and enjoy the Discovery Channel taping shows -- enthusiasts actually have to get out and visit an amusement park. Once there, many sob quietly as they realize they have to walk from one side of the park to another. On a recent park visit, enthusiast Scott Reynolds could be found talking to himself in a corner. He simply whispered the words “Drachen Fire” over and over.

Friends, a new day will come and the venerable patch jacket will once again be considered "the shit." We promise.

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