Friday, September 05, 2003

An Open Letter to Coaster Enthusiasts (from the Lemon Chill Guy)

Dear Coaster Enthusiasts:

I was right after all. Yeah, that was me – I told you that Hercules was coming down. You just rolled your eyes when I told you to ride it while you still could. See? I was right after all! I know that you didn’t believe me when I said that they were gonna taer [sic] it down, but what are you going to do now? Where’s your precious woodie now? Huh? Huh?

So next time that bitch Becky from Dippin’ Dots starts chatting you up about some "tera tera tera" nonsense, remember that it was me, Dairrek - The Lemon Chill Guy, that told you about Hercules coming down in 2003.

In closing, I want you all to know that you can suck it.


Dairrek Von Benld
Lemon Chill Guy
Dorney Park