Monday, August 25, 2003

Confirmed: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Will Get 'The Shaft' In 2004

Rival rumor reporting Web site,, reported on Friday, August 22nd, that Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom would 'most likely get the shaft for 2004.' Much more well-informed and intellectually superior reporters at ARN&R were able to undeniably confirm that rumor today.

After a long night of heavy drinking and salacious skirt chasing on Saturday with Kentucky Kingdom vice-president and general manager Lee Graham, ARN&R reporter JWS challenged Graham to an all-nude grape jelly and brown gravy wrestling match. JWS wagered his entire collection of roller coaster shaped Frosted Flakes against Graham's ante of an exclusive interview about Kentucky Kingdom's plans for their new mystery attraction for 2004.

A very sickeningly sticky grape, gravy Graham lost his dignity as well as the wrestling match after being pinned in just less than 30 seconds by the admittedly considerably more experienced sweetmeat wrestler JWS. As a result of his embarrassing loss, Graham was forced to spill the beans about what is coming to Kentucky Kingdom in 2004.

In between numerous booze-induced blackouts, and while he wasn't 'praying to the porcelain god', Graham somewhat incoherently described the new ride.

"It's called The Love Shaft. It's made by Eminem from Swisherland and it's gonna kick ash. It's really, really, really tall and thick and stuff shoots out of it while people go up and down on it. Wanna see my own personal demonshrash... demonspraysh... essample of it?" warbled Graham with a lustfully devilish grin on his face.

JWS politely declined Graham's offer of a 'personal demonstration' of the new ride and instead pressed Graham for further details.

Several breath mints, two cold showers, and eight cups of coffee later, JWS was able to determine from Graham that the ride will actually be called simply 'The Shaft.' Intamin of Switzerland will manufacture the ride. It will be very similar to an S&S double-shot tower ride combined with exhilarating water effects. The tower will stand 225 feet tall and will accommodate 16 guests per ride cycle. Each ride cycle will last approximately 30 seconds. For the coup de grace, a fountain of water will spray out of the top of the ride drenching guests as they are bounced up and down on the tower.

The Shaft is expected to begin popping at Kentucky Kingdom in June 2004.