Thursday, February 02, 2006

Disneyland Pooh Area Delayed Due to Miscommunication

In a rare example of miscommunication between Disney departments, a major typographical error has led to a new children's area slated for Disneyland to be pushed back at least four seasons. The new project was to be a near-copy of Disney World's popular new "Pooh's Playful Spot," a whimsical children's play area themed to Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

The finance- and image-destroying mistake was caused by executives sending a memo from Disney World to the creative design team at Disney Land, requesting a duplicate version of the "Poo Playful Spot." Confused by the request, but not wishing to anger management by bothering them with unnecessary questions, the team created precisely what they were instructed to.

The Poo Playful Spot, featuring fountains of excrement, swings and crawl-through areas covered in excrement, statues of Winnie the Pooh created out of excrement, and sandboxes filled with excrement, was approximately 75% complete when higher-ups toured the construction site and realized the error that had been made. Although the entire area was torn down, vacuumed, fumigated, bleached, and burned, the remaining smell is still claimed by witnesses to be "overpowering." Disney representatives stated that construction on the proper reconstruction of the Pooh area will begin once the aroma has fully dissipated; although unwilling to provide an exact timeline, they hoped to begin work on the project in early 2009.