Sunday, August 17, 2003

Six Flags to Replace Batman Stunt Show with Puppetry of the Penis; Other New Shows Announced

Cast members of Six Flags America's "Batman Stunt Spectacular," many of whom had upwards of two months of acting experience, got bad news on Saturday, when park management informed them that the park chain had decided to change the show for the balance of this season and next, having hired cult favorite stage show "Puppetry of the Penis" to replace them. The show (known to its fans as "POTP") features "genital origami," where the stars form their penises into a variety of shapes while narrating humorously. The audience watches on enormous video screens behind the pair.

Simon Morley and David Friend, the show's creators and holders of the titular penises, said they were thrilled to be approached by the park. "Apparently the park manager came and saw our show in Arlington [Virginia] and just had a great time," said Morley.

"He came up to us after the show and said he'd been making puppets with his penis for a long time and saw this as a way to share this unique art form with the world," added Friend. "He offered to show us some new moves, but we declined." The Batman amphitheater will be completely revamped with seventy-foot screens installed along with 150-foot phalluses towering above the audience.

The genital origami will be part of a series of unique additions to SFA's entertainment offerings for the 2004 season. Spokesman Fred Sweetbreadsman shared some plans in an exclusive ARN&R interview.

"We've booked Laurie Anderson to perform her unique blend of pop music and performance art -- that'll take the place of that country music medley crap. Karen Finley will be slathering herself in chocolate -- naked of course -- on the hour, every hour, in the entry plaza. And we're going to have a whole series of modern art installations taking the place of Roar and the Typhoon Sea Coaster; they'll really explore the parkness of amusement parks, and what it means to be amused, or to be parked, and really unpack all of the thematic narratives that run through Six Flagsness, and take a serious look at how amusement rides reinforce the patriarchy in society."

According to initial reports, the first installation will consist of a milk-bottle game, where participants attempt to knock over three milk bottles at a time. Instead of a stuffed animal, however, winners will receive a bottle filled with the artist's urine while a full gospel choir sings Jane's Addiction songs out of key.