Sunday, February 02, 2003

PTC to Branch Out

Tom Rebbie of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters has invited ACE back to the PTC factory on the 10th Anniversary of the original ACE tour in 1993, and many enthusiasts are wondering what, if anything, will be announced at the tour. Rumors have been swirling furiously around the town of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, that there is big news regarding a totally new direction for the company long involved in wide-ranging aspects of roller coaster design and construction. In recent years, the company has restricted its business to building roller coaster trains.

But now, there is big news, ARN&R can exclusively confirm. Tom Rebbie has noticed how the new Chrysler PT Cruisers have performed in sales over their first couple years, and the growth of sales of suburban utility vehicles has been well documented. Apparently, PTC believes that there is room for one more manufacturer in the US automotive industry! Dubbed the PTC Cruiser, it's a hybrid roller coaster train/automobile that "offers all the luxurious accommodations that coaster enthusiasts have come to love in our trains, and all the benefits of an SUV," according to Rebbie in an interview. Draft company promotional literature reveals that the PTC Cruiser will seat six, two per row in three rows.

Featuring an airbag in each row and well-padded seats with dividers, the vehicles will weigh approximately 2.2 tons apiece. The vehicles will get about 8 miles per gallon in the city and 12 on the highway, but considerably more on downhill inclines.

"What really makes our cars unique," said Rebbie, "is that they can be coupled together just like our coaster trains, perfect for those big family vacations! Furthermore, they are approved by the federal government to run on standard train tracks, since the undercarriage features wheels of appropriate dimensions accessible when the tires are removed. These are the vehicles of the 21st century."