Saturday, December 10, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: ThrillNetwork Still Funny

The most current item of evidence is here.

Some other ARN&R stories about Thrillnetwork:

- From December 2003: Thrillnetwork Launches Pretty New Site, Still Has Same Laughably Pathetic 14-Year-Old Users

- From August 2003: ThrillNetwork Club Announces Event, ERT (featuring one of our favorite lines, "A small-print disclaimer notes that nine-year-old Bobby Fleming of North St. Paul will also be holding a birthday party at the facility and asks members to refrain from eating his cake or friends."

- From July 2003: Government: CoasterBuzz/ThrillNetwork Dispute Officially Least Interesting Fight in History

- From January 2003: Still Online, Shocking Enthusiasts at or Above a Fourth-Grade Reading Level

Huh. Looks like 2003 was the Year of Thrillnetwork here at ARN&R. We never recognized that at the time, so, here's to you, Thrillnetwork! You're our Site O' The Year for 2003!
ARN&R Broadcaster Wins Award

ARN&R is proud to announce that the host of its new Podcast, Co-Editor-in-Chief JCK, has received a 2005 National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Radio Award. The prestigious honor is believed to be the first for an amusement park satire publication, the first for a Podcast of any sort, and the first for a broadcasting group that has only released one actual broadcast in its history.

Shocked gasps were heard from the awards banquet audience as the announcement was made that JCK was being honored with a Special Achievement Marconi for having the Best Face for Radio Broadcast.

"I'm extremely pleased and humbled to be graced with such a magnificent prize," said JCK, upon taking the podium. "I've worked my whole career to be able to tell people, yeah, I won the Marconi for Best...what a second...does this statue actually say 'Best Face for Radio?' What the hell?"