Monday, December 22, 2003

ACEr Forces Family to Drive Through Snowstorm to Stay in Sandusky Hotel

The weather was blizzard-like, with the road barely visible in front of the minivan, and yet ACEr Phil Kiddles insisted that he and his family keep driving until they reached the Hampton Inn in Milan, Ohio, just outside Cedar Point's home of Sandusky. "I just want to see the new Cedar Point brochure [in fact seven months old] and stay within a few miles of the park. Maybe we can see Top Thrill Dragster from the room, too!" exclaimed Kiddles to his exasperated wife and exhausted children.

The family, driving cross-country for the holidays, is used to Kiddles's obsessive behavior, having already endured a bizarre detour supposedly to visit a particularly good Cracker Barrel (in fact an excuse to drive by Kennywood) and his sudden need to urinate when they "happened" to be driving past Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Kiddles did not in fact see Cedar Point or any portion thereof while visiting. Only through physical restraint was Kiddles prevented from exiting at the Wisconsin Dells to search for any new coaster construction.

Now staying in Minnesota, sources indicate that Kiddles may "get lost" while driving from Minneapolis to St. Paul and "accidentally" end up driving past Valleyfair!, some twenty miles out of the way in Shakopee.