Monday, July 19, 2004

Fluffers Hired for Coaster Event
Anticipating hordes of coaster enthusiasts needing to be kept "excited and at the ready," the Western Washington Fair recently announced that it would be hiring fluffers for its time as host for the 2004 ACE Summer Con.
"This is grand news," said enthusiast Jacques Off, 26.  "Sometimes when lots of enthusiasts are waiting in line for their turn, you can lose some of your arousal about the coaster you're about to experience.  I'm always just pumped and ready to go for it at the beginning, but after running around to the station area a few times and then standing there a while, I can't keep up the same level of excitement that I really should.  I want to perform at the highest level an enthusiast can, and that's why I'm happy that I'll have a fluffer available to service me."
Other parks could not be reached for comment as to whether or not they, too, would be providing this helpful enthusiast service in the future.