Friday, May 07, 2004

Superman: The Escape Still Closed Due to Weather

According to sources close to ARN&R, Six Flags Magic Mountain's Superman: The Escape is not able to operate this season due to weather conditions. Although baseless speculation has been made in the media that the ride is not operating due to safety problems, a catastrophic breakdown, or just to save money for the financially-suspicious Six Flags chain, ARN&R was recently assured by park reps that the sign in front of the attraction, the one that says "Current Weather Conditions Prohibit The Operation Of This Attraction," absolutely represents the truth.

Some observers, notably those troublemakers at Screamscape, have pointed out that the weather condition sign is suspect, considering that almost every day in Southern California the past two weeks has been warm and dry, with very little breeze and not a cloud in the sky. A quick chat at SFMM Guest Relations with "Trevor" and "Shaneequa" cleared the matter up once and for all. As they explained it to ARN&R, guests and the media alike have been reading too much into the sign, assuming the it actually refers to a specific type of weather that would keep a huge ride from operating, such as a thunderstorm, a blizzard, high winds, or massive tidal waves. In reality, the sign merely states that all weather conditions, of any sort whatsoever, prevent the ride from operating.

ARN&R calls on other media outlets to engage in responsible journalism, and to refrain from creating sensational stories where none exist.