Sunday, February 13, 2005

ACE Heart of America Region Announces Next Event

The Heart of America region of ACE announced its next regional event in an exclusive ARN&R interview. Mark your calender now for sometime in June 2011 for ACE Heart of America's Slapped Together Ten Damn Days Beforehand Coaster-aganza ("STTDDBC").

"This event will feature exclusive ride time -- or ‘ERT' as my region calls it -- on some coaster or maybe more than one coaster at one of the parks in my region...except I think for Dogpatch USA as it may be closed by now, not sure though, have to look into that...they haven't returned my calls in a while," stated the Heart of America Regional Representative Jorgen Mussfove.

Vigorously shaking his head and continuing, Mussfove said, "This is going to be more than just another Heart of America regional event that happens every eight to twelve years like clockwork in my region. STTDBC is going to be a super special event because during the event the next issue of my regional newsletter 'Airtime' will also be released and will feature exclusive inside information on the fate of Buzzsaw Falls!" Mussfove gushed excitedly.

Inside sources indicate that ACE will celebrate the Heart of America region by featuring a thirty-page color spread in "Rollercoaster!" magazine providing in-depth coverage of ACErs with tremendous trust funds exploring the three Dragon Coasters installed in an obscure Chinese province. The feature, to be in the group's Fall 2005 issue, will be mailed in approximately April of 2009.