Monday, July 05, 2004

Enthusiast At National Fireworks Distracted

Long-time coaster enthusiast Martin Staples, traveling with a church youth group, braved rain and winds last night to attend the fireworks on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. While the magnificent display unfolded overhead, however, Staples could think of nothing other than the fact that, if the Smithsonian (much of which is located along the Mall) had a coaster, it would have had virtually no lines.

"Man, that would've been awesome," said Staples, who ended up watching only approximately a fifth of the display, spending most of his time jumping to look over the crowds at what he described as "potential lift hill sites" and "possible station locations" for an Intamin hypercoaster. "All these suckers would be watching the display and feeling a sense of national unity, and I would just be in airtime heaven. That would totally kick ass."

Staples has previously thought that Muir Woods National Park in northern California would have been better with a GCI twister and, just a few days ago while on the same trip, tried to determine whether a giant Top Scan would have fit inside the National Cathedral in northwest Washington.