Saturday, March 15, 2003

Awful Grammar and Virulent Anti-ARN&R Sentiment Brilliantly Combined

ARN&R is pleased to announce that our humble little blog has again created violent irritation at the profoundly exceptional and influential ThemeParkCritic website. Amongst the amusing rants is Mrceagle's commentary, a piece of poetry, sculpture, and linguistic splendor so breathtaking in its power and comprehensible grammar that the feeble human mind can hardly be expected to grasp its genius. This icon of brilliant modern writing has been placed in its own category of supergenius-level thought by leading German philosophers and artists, who have labeled Mrceagle as the founder and hero of the Gesamtschei├čewerk movement. Here is the gorgeous flowery verse, written (we think) in Farsi, Sanskrit, or Punjabi, exactly as it appears at ThemeParkCritic:

"obiasly someone has to much time on their hands. not to mention that they arn't reative enuf to rumer a resanable ride or one that you would lafe at. every one of tei atracions mentined ina deferant park would have sounded a little more realistic. same bull we had on UFH last year."

Take a deep breath, enjoy the sublime beauty of this moment in your lives, and then read the entire thread here.