Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Couple Divorced on Coaster

History was made this past weekend, as what is believed to be the first on-coaster divorce took place at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The unhappy couple, Elana Hoffman, 30, and Lawrence Mullet, 35, dissolved their vows at 3:45 PM this past Saturday on the park’s Colossus racing coaster.

Said enthusiast Mike Falkowski, 29, “every darn week some couple thinks it’s cute and oh-so-original to have a wedding on a roller coaster, and it always means I get stuck waiting in line for the morons to get finished with their vows, the ceremonial ride, and the bouquet and/or cookie tossing. I’ve had to wait for stupid people to wed on Kraken, Raptor, Nitro, and Giant Dipper this year already. Enough! It isn’t unique and cool, and it’s damn sure not Xtreme, okay?”

When it was pointed out to Falkowski that the couple on Colossus was formalizing a divorce rather than getting married, Falkowski yelled “yeah! Now that I can wait in line for!”

The ceremony took place with great fanfare, as the opposing parties marched in to the Colossus station under colorful banners to the pumping sounds of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” and Guns ‘n’ Roses’s “Used to Love Her.” The non-bride and her group sat on the train on the left side of the station, while the non-groom and his group took the right. The lead car of each train featured a future non-spouse and three lawyers, while the remainder of the trains consisted of friends of the two divorcees. Mullet’s train was filled to the rim with large, drunken former frat buddies, while Hoffman’s featured only six catty girlfriends and family members. The divorce became official once the trains diverged and swooped around the far turnarounds of Colossus.

ARN&R was able to gain exclusive interviews with both members of the non-couple while the ride was in progress. According to Mullet, “man, this will be a weight off my shoulders. That little tramp is the most manipulative bitch on the entire planet. She lies constantly, spends all my money on shoes, and has no sense of personal hygiene. She’s also a slut…I’ve caught her sleeping around on me at least five different times, and she gave me a vicious case of herpes that’s flaring up right as we speak. Good riddance to that whore.”

Mullet then added, “Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Retorted Hoffman, “my former husband is a complete lazy slob. He leaves clothes around, pees all over the bathroom floor, and hangs out drinking with his idiot friends. He’s just a stupid Nebraska hick who can’t hold a conversation. And I only found companionship with other men and women because he’s terrible in bed. He couldn’t even get it up most of the time. He also gets way too angry…I apologized at least two or three times for giving him herpes and the clap, but he just wouldn’t let it go. Damn, this coaster is slow! And who do I have to screw to get some airtime?”

The race back to the station for first place became one of great importance, with passengers in both trains taunting each other and making whipping motions at their Morgan trains in an effort to speed them along. Mullet’s train proved victorious, although Hoffman pointed out that “all the extra weight on his side couldn’t have hurt.”

“This has been a traumatic experience for all people involved,” stated Mullet’s primary lawyer, Anna Jetter. "All the acrimony, the vicious squabbling over money and blame…we all figured marking the end of a very unsuccessful marriage with a special ceremony was appropriate. Particularly if that ceremony enabled me to rack up as many new coaster credits as this park does!”

In what may be step up in the battle for theme park supremacy, Islands of Adventure has already stated that Magic Mountain’s coaster divorce was a feeble publicity stunt. Says IOA rep Sandy Pak, “we’re going to show how a coaster divorce is really done. Ours will be a true media event. The actual divorce case will be handled by the really rude talking fountain in the Lost Continent. Then the bickering couple will board the coaster. Instead of using a racing coaster, we will put our celebrants on Dueling Dragons…the divorce becomes final when the trains separate right after the lift, then the divorce parties can amuse themselves yelling insults, giving the finger, and spitting at each other as the trains go through their dueling elements. Jerry Springer will host the event on live TV.”

The Magic Mountain divorce was protested by a group of ACE members, who demanded that Colossus be run as an actual racer all the time, instead of just for special divorce celebrations. Reports that Six Flags officials leaned out their windows and threw urine upon the protesters have not been confirmed at this time.