Friday, May 28, 2004

Kiddie Park Cancels Installation

ANR&R has learned that Memphis Kiddie Park in Brooklyn, Ohio has been forced to cancel its planned installation of the Super Duper Dipper, which was to have been a record-breaking 560 foot tall, 17,637 feet long hyper-giga floorless looping launched out-and-back coaster.

The Intamin-built coaster, which was to have been completed as a pleasant surprise for CoasterCon XXVII attendies, to go along with the 3 picnics!, 4 breakfasts!, and 2 receptions!, had a planned layout that was to have started at the Kiddie Park, go over Memphis Avenue, through the American Greetings headquarters, through a dramatic heartline spin between the screens of the Memphis Drive-In Movie theater, and touring around most of the neighboring village of Linndale before finally coming to rest at the station.

"We were hoping that this would be an exciting addition to the Park. But the speed limit through neighboring Linndale is only 25mph. In order to have afforded the speeding fines, the ticket prices would have had to be set at $177 per ride," said an official at Memphis Kiddie Park, who wished to remain nameless because her route home takes her through the same Linndale speed trap adjacent to the planned coaster route. "We installed the Little
Dipper in 1952 and we thought it was about time that we updated our image."

Memphis Kiddie Park's new ride this year will instead be a Huss Mini-Frisbee.

The only maps and drawings of the abandoned coaster installation were released to CoasterBuzz, the management of which refused to release them on the grounds that it might fuel unnecessary speculation.