Friday, April 30, 2004

Enthusiast Complains About Single Train Operation On Six Flags New England Flashback

"I know everyone's been complaining about single train operation on Superman," wrote Coastaz4evah on the Coasterbuzz forums recently, "but what about Flashback? They were running single train operation on Flashback too! I had to wait almost 5-10 minutes for a ride that totally should have been a walk on yesterday!"

Coastaz4eveh continued, "this goes to show that Six Flags cares more about penny pinching then the guest's experience."

When asked to comment on this criticism, a distant gaze appeared in the eyes of Six Flags CEO Gary Story. "Yes, I remember we tried to run two train operation on a Vekoma Boomerang once. It was in 1998, opening day at Six Flags Over India. It was rumored the line for the Boomerang would be over eight hours long, so we tried to run a second train," Story stated. "The screams of the dead haunt me to this day."

As of this writing, the penny pinching Six Flags Corp. continues running all Vekoma Boomerangs with single train operation.